Gaps Solitaire

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Green Mountain Gaps Solitaire

I love Gaps! It's a quick, easy to learn solitaire card game. You're trying to line up the cards from 2 - King by suit. You do this by moving cards into the 'Gaps'. You can move card into a Gap if it is one less than the card to the right of the gap, and has the same suit. Or you can move a card into the Gap if it is one more than the card to the left and of the same suit. Basically you can move a card into a gap if moving that card into the gap continues a sequence of cards arranged by suit either on the right of the gap or on the left of the gap.

When you run out of moves you can make (this usually happens if gaps start to show up to the right of a King), you can continue the game by clicking the 'Shuffle' button. This will shuffle all the cards that are not currently in order starting with the 2s on the far left of the game board.